Home Exterior Painting

What a difference a coat of paint makes… right?!  There is no easier or faster way to update the look of your home exterior brick than by giving it a fresh coat of paint; it will give your house the ultimate curb appeal.  Furthermore, we spruced up the front entrance to make it more inviting by adding a portico.  To pick the perfect color scheme for this home exterior, we went through many test pots, aka paint samples.  We painted the different color options on boards to finally choose just the right color combo:

  • Brick: Ben Moore #1550, Cumulus Cloud
  • Trim: Ben Moore OC-17, White Dove
  • Shutter: Ben Moore HC-178 Charcoal Slate

All colors matched the existing pale gray siding that is located on the sides and back of the house.

How do you paint brick?

Step 1: Make sure that the brick is cleaned thoroughly.  The best way to do this is by having it professionally power washed.  Additionally, confirm that the chemicals your power washer uses are eco-friendly so that they do not kill your lawn or shrubbery. 

Note: All brick must be completely dry before the painting process can begin.

Step 2: Apply one coat of primer that is suitable to use on bricks. Primer helps to fill the porous surface of the brick so that your paint will go on more smoothly.  

Step 3: Apply two coats of paint to sufficiently cover the brick.  

At Kelley Astore Interiors, we can provide custom coloring and labor for the exterior painting of your home to make your house look beautiful!

Industrial Shower Install

The unusual industrial-style shower door might be my favorite feature in this newly remodeled bathroom!  The shower door system included a solid chrome rail at the top with a glass stationary panel on the right and a sliding door on the left.  Additionally, the shower received a recessed shelving unit, seat, and large chrome shower head.  

For the shower tile, we chose a medium shade of gray that complimented the flooring which was installed next.  The shower flooring is 1 x 1 white and gray tumbled marble that aids in preventing slipping. This tile flowed well into the bathroom flooring, which is large 12 x 24 tiles of white marble with gray grain. 

What are the benefits of a sliding glass shower door?

  • They save space. Instead of having a door that swings out, a sliding door easily tucks behind its corresponding glass panel.  Not only does a sliding glass shower door save space, it makes the bathroom appear larger.
  • No shower curtain needed. Shower curtains are difficult to keep clean because they readily accumulate mold and mildew.  On the contrary, a sliding glass shower door is easy to keep clean because you only have to spray and wipe. Additionally, a sliding glass shower door allows for a very bright shower, whereas one with a shower curtain can be dark if adequate lighting is not in place.
  • No water dripping on the floor.  A sliding glass shower door never hangs over the bathroom floor so you don’t have to worry about your bathroom floor becoming slippery.  Therefore, when you are in the shower and realized that you have forgotten something outside the shower like a razor or soap, you won’t have to worry about opening the door and it dripping on the floor. The shower door water stays in the shower!
  • They can be custom-made. Having a shower door that is custom-made for the space eliminates leaking.  
  • They are safer for children. With the easy sliding, the chances of smashed fingers decrease significantly with sliding glass shower doors.  Plus, they are safer for your walls; they can’t swing open swiftly to have the shower door handle slam into and leave a nice dent in your wall.  

When considering your next shower or bathroom remodel, I highly suggest a sliding glass shower door for its appearance and convenience. 

Creating an Extra Bathroom from One Outdated Bathroom

We started out with one very large outdated bathroom that was shared by two brothers and renovated it into two nice size updated en-suites and therefore creating an extra bathroom.  Each young man received his own vanity, toilet, large shower, and vanity closet.  Plus, having an en suite bathroom in each bedroom increases the value of the home!

The first step in the renovation process was to gut the entire space.  This left us with one large blank canvas allowing us to design two bathrooms.  After the new floor plans were in action, we reworked the electrical and installed the new plumbing. 

Then, we installed the shower tile and bathroom flooring. The bathroom flooring is large 12 x 24 tiles of white marble. Also, we had enough space in each bathroom to install a custom-made vanity closet that added quite a bit of extra storage.  

The finishing touches were a brand new toilet, sturdy vanity with chrome finishes, and a large mirror with plenty of lighting above.  This was my first time taking one bathroom shared by two brothers and turning it into two fabulous private bathrooms. I know each young man will enjoy having his very own bathroom and their parents will appreciate the increased value of their home!

How does adding an extra bathroom increase the value of your home?

In some markets, having an extra bathroom can increase the value of your home by 20%… wow!  The amazing aspect of this bathroom renovation is that we did not have to take away any square footage from the bedrooms to make this happen.  We simply made better use of the space that was already present.  This addition not only added financial value to the home but family value.  Now, each young man has his own shower and toilet so the household can run more efficiently because neither child is having to wait for the other brother.  It also prevents arguments; those of us who have shared a bathroom with a sibling know what I’m talking about!

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