Custom slipcovers can change the appearance of any room immediately without the cost of reupholstery. I have helped numerous clients over the years reinvent their living spaces by custom making slipcovers. Some clients opt to have a couple of sets so that they can change them for every season. 

This particular client chose new white matelasse slipcovers. These are very clean looking. It is difficult to decipher if they are even slipcovers; they look almost like they have been completely upholstered!

Slipcover Tips:

  • Choose textured fabrics to add visual interest. Textured fabrics, such as denim, twill, and sailcloth, are more wrinkle-resistant.
  • Do not choose a slipcover fabric that is too heavy, this will make the seams too bulky. 
  • Choose a tightly woven slipcover fabric, this will further protect the upholstery underneath.
  • Slipcovers work best on fully-upholstered furniture.  Slipcovers are best for fully-upholstered furniture.
  • Slipcovers should change the look, but not the comfort of the furniture.
  • Dry clean slipcovers to prolong their life.

Slipcover Benefits:

  • More affordable than reupholstering or purchasing a new piece of furniture.
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Can create a relaxed or fitted look.
  • Keeps furniture looking new.
  • Aids in blending mismatched furniture.
  • Can easily change the look of your home.
  • Protects furniture from damage and spills.

A wonderful way to change the fabric of your furniture without the cost of having the items reupholstered is to let us make slipcovers! My team and I can help you pick out the perfect fabric. Also, we will pick up your sofa or chairs to ensure a custom fit and that the process goes effortlessly for you and your household.