My client has always dreamed of being able to come home and feel like she is stepping into a spa retreat.  She played volleyball in college and now plays in an adult league.  Therefore, it was very important that she has a place to rejuvenate after a long game or practice. It was my pleasure to deliver this spa retreat to her home.

“For years I have dreamt of bathrooms with a calming atmosphere to come home to each night. Kelley Astore Interiors partnered with me every step of the way to make my home oasis come to life. From the relaxing earth tones, heated floors & textured pebbles that rub the bottoms of my tired feet, I couldn’t have imagined being happier with Kelley & her experienced team.” 

Sarah H.

The first request was that she has a free-standing jetted tub so that she could relax and enjoy a pulsing massage after practice and games. Another wonderful feature of the fabulous tub is it has a heater to keep the water at just the perfect temperature for soothing achy muscles. The spa feel did not stop at just the tub. The shower stall has all the latest and greatest plumbing supplies from Grohe: a rainfall shower head, individual wall jets, and an additional pulsating shower head. We installed pebble flooring on the shower floor for an instant massage to those tired feet! Since my client and her husband are both over 6’ tall, we opted for the custom-made vanity to be installed higher than a normal countertop. And last but not least, of course there is floor heating under this lovely tile!