Colors that Calm

Leave bold bright colors behind and surround yourself with soft, soothing shades to create a calming atmosphere.

Have you ever walked into a room that felt like it was shouting at you?  These rooms can be lively and fun but don’t create a space where you can reach full relaxation as they stimulate the brain and energize.  Everyone needs rooms in their homes where they can retreat and feel at peace.  Color can influence our mood and affect our well-being.  Luckily, there is an array of colors that have been proven to calm.

Serene Greens

It comes as no surprise that greens are easygoing since it is a color found abundantly in nature.  It can be uplifting and invigorating if it is a vibrant shade but a soft shade is soothing.  A living space popping with a serene green will make you want to kick back and relax.

Baby Blues

From the sea to the skies, most people feel at ease and may even doze into a nap when staring across a horizon where the two meet. Therefore, blue is the perfect color for the bedroom because it can calm a busy mind, giving you the ability to sleep like a baby.  

Earthy Neutrals

Neutrals are an obvious choice when it comes to a calming color scheme but can appear lackluster or even chilly. For that reason, it is important to introduce richer neutral shades to warm up the space.  Great examples are terracotta, rust, burnt orange, and chocolate to give you that cozy feeling inside to put yourself into a tranquil state of mind.  Additionally, the texture will give neutrals depth; you could have woven fabric throw pillows, a leather chair, or basketware storage to add in more versatility.

Dark Colors

Just as you begin to wind down as the sun goes down, dark colors help the mind wind down.  They create a restful atmosphere and are often showcased in furniture pieces and as a backdrop on walls.  Popular colors are forest green, dusky blue, navy, khaki, bronze, and dark gray.  You can balance the space by having light wood flooring and accenting with pale colors. Metallic and glass accent pieces complement dark colors very well and add a subtle shimmer.

Stress can creep up on you, may it be that there just aren’t enough hours in a day or the strain of work. Fortunately, having calming colors in the home subconsciously helps you leave your worries at the door.  


Stair Runner Installation

After a complete renovation in 2013, my clients decided to have us install a beautiful herringbone wool stair runner going up their gorgeous staircase.  It was exactly what the space needed.

The first step was picking out the carpet.  We chose a wool carpet because it is durable, long-lasting, hypoallergenic, and comfy to the touch.  In a high traffic area of the home, such as the main staircase, it is important to pick flooring that is stain resistant.  Wool is a natural fiber containing natural oils that repel dirt and other oil-based stains so its appearance can stand up against the wear and tear of everyday use. Before installation, the carpet had a one-inch gray cotton binding added along the edges.  Next, my carpet guru prepped the stairs and installed the runner.  For the finishing touch, the owner of the company that put the floors down, Universal Floors, came out to the house to touch up the scuff marks on the sides of the staircase.  

Benefits of a Stair Runner

  • They absorb sound. Do you hear people clomping down the stairs echoing throughout your home? Having a  carpet stair runner will muffle the sound.
  • They regulate flooring temperature. In the cold months when your floors are freezing, the stairs will remain warm and cozy.
  • They add traction, helping prevent slips and falls.  With little ones or the elderly in the home, it is a good idea to add a stair runner to your wooden stairs.  Carpet is a lot less slippery than polished wood, plus there is a cushioned pad under the carpet that will soften a fall.
  • They cover up damaged hardwood. Years of wear on stairs draw attention but in a negative way.  A stair runner can cover up the ugly scratches and turn the attention towards something beautiful.
  • They protect hardwood from marks and scuffs. On the contrary, you can prevent damage on your stairs by placing a stair runner over them.  The structure will remain intact longer.
  • They add style. It can be expensive to update the stain on your current staircase but the addition of a stair runner can update the style at a lower cost.  Stair runners are welcoming, add an elevated appearance, and allow the color scheme of your home to continue to the second floor.  They come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns creating whichever look you choose from simple to extravagant.


Upholstered Custom Made Bed

Most people spend around a third of the day in bed: sleeping, watching TV, reading, etc. So why not have a bed built for royalty? When you create a custom-made bed, the possibilities are endless; you are able to choose the shape, upholstery, and finishing details.  Plus, they are one-of-a-kind pieces that can be designed to meet precise specifications and squeeze into tight spaces, such as between windows.

Steps in Choosing a Custom Made Bed

Headboard Style

If you are wanting to add several pillows to your bed and design around the room, you may opt for a simple sleek panel. On the contrary, choosing a wingback design can give the bed dimension, generating a focal point to the bedroom.  

Headboard Shape

A rectangular headboard provides clean lines and a clean palette; this shape can maintain serenity in the room.  Due to its neutral stance, it provides the flexibility to change out bedding, pillows, and decor.  Still a simple design but giving the bed an enhancement is slightly arching the top of the headboard.  To undoubtedly make your bed the centerpiece of the bedroom, choose a custom shape… think fleur de lis; it definitely does not have to be that extravagant to draw the attention of the room, a few curves are enough to satisfy.  

Headboard Height

  • Low Profile: 36-48″ H
  • Average: 48- 60″ H
  • Above Average: 60-72″ H
  • Tall: 72- 80″ H
  • Oversize: 81″-120″ H

Headboard Only vs. Custom Bed Frame

There is the option of attaching your custom-made headboard to an ordinary bed frame and electing to have a bed skirt cover the box spring.  Or there is the choice of a custom-made bed frame. These are designed to match the headboard and can be built to support your mattress (platform), mattress, and box spring (standard), or to cover them (adjustable mattress foundation).  To give the bed a more complete look, a matching footboard can be added.  These sit up slightly higher than the mattress and excel in keeping comforters on the bed.

Custom Made Bed Finishing Touches

The exciting part is choosing the upholstery!  Will it be velvet, leather, or natural fabric?  Then there is the color, are you going to go with a neutral color or a vibrant color or pattern to really make a statement?  You can have the fabric pulled smooth and tight across the bed or there is the option of adding tufts.  I think that the icing on the cake is the addition of nailheads and usually choose the same metal finish that is used throughout the room.

My Custom Made Bed Projects

Custom Made Upholstered Beds

This bed was upholstered in a gray velvet by Kravet.  As you can see, my upholsterer made the base of the bed the exact size of the box spring and mattress and it flows seamlessly with the headboard.  There is a slight arch to the headboard to conform to the classy appearance of the bedroom.  

Custom Made Upholstered Beds

We kept the style of this custom bed simple and chose an eye-catching fabric to make it the focal point of the bedroom.  The finishing touch of the nailhead trim perfected this chic design.

We are able to make beds per our customers’ requests so we have the ability to set the desired ambiance in any bedroom.  My team and I make our masterpieces to last a lifetime so that a third of your life is spent in the bed of your dreams!


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