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At Kelley Astore Interiors, we provide a full range of renovation and design services to bring our clients’ designs to fruition, while overseeing and managing the entire remodeling and decorating process. We have ongoing relationships with a range of licensed contractors and skilled craftsmen who work under our supervision on all of our projects; they include cabinetmakers, tile setters, upholsterers, furniture makers, carpenters, electricians, and a drapery workroom. My team and I have been working in interior design and home remodels for over 25 years and our work has been featured on HGTV and in various home design publications; continue reading to find out how we can help you transform your living space into the home of your dreams!

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are one of my favorite spots in the house to renovate because they are the heart of a house.  Pictured above is a kitchen renovation that I did in Great Falls, VA. Custom cabinetry is a key feature in maximizing the storage in a kitchen.  They are customized to fit precisely in the room which doesn’t occur with standard cabinetry; plus, they last longer and retain their value.  For this project, we chose a gorgeous marble to accent the custom kitchen island and a neutral color palette to complement it.  The final touches included all new stainless steel kitchen appliances, hardware, and accent lighting.

Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling

Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling

I am excited to share this bathroom with you because it is the bathroom of MY dreams… welcome to my master bathroom.  When designing my bathroom, I wanted to create a space that felt bright, open, and, most importantly, clean. Therefore, I decided to opt for a simplistic and neutral color scheme, which would also help me create a sense of luxury in my bathroom. To kickstart this color scheme and design, I opted for patterned marble flooring from Marble Systems. Here, the mix of grey and white is nicely complemented by a snow-white border and marble baseboard – giving the space a distinctive, luxury feel. Since I chose statement flooring, I went for simple walls.  I designed my own custom vanity so that I could have the exact storage space that I needed and my shower giving it a rainfall showerhead, a main showerhead, and another handheld unit.  The last must-have for me was a large tub… what’s the use in your dream bathroom without a large tub to relax and enjoy it in?!

Custom Furniture Reupholstery

Custom Furniture Reupholstery

We have our own upholsterers and they are the best upholstery makers in the DMV area.  We have worked with them for many years and this long-standing relationship allows us to produce pieces with amazing quality while adhering to deadlines and budget requirements. That means assisting with sourcing distinctive materials, creating renditions of the final piece, and execution to turn your vision into a reality.

Custom Closets

Custom Closets

Having a beautifully designed and smartly organized closet is key to stress-free mornings. There is nothing worse than your closet being full of dirty and disorganized laundry when you need to get ready quickly or you have a busy day ahead. You should be able to walk into your closet and know exactly where everything is. That’s why customizing your closet to be organized in a way that makes sense for you is so important!

Built-in Bookcases

Built-in Bookcases

Unlike a regular bookcase that you might purchase from a furniture store and have moved into a room, built-in bookcases present a variety of creative opportunities and will pave the way for a more seamless design. They are the ultimate storage solution, turning storage into beautiful decor – the marriage between beauty and function. Whether you’re interested in a built-in bookcase with a hidden desk, or a case framing a window with a little place to sit, we’ve got you covered!

Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Make your house uniquely your own with custom-made draperies and shades made in our workroom. Choosing from a multitude of styles and fabrics, custom window treatments will add color, texture, and style to any room. From measuring the windows to designing the window treatments to the installation, we are truly a one-stop-shop. The trained artisans in our workroom convert each bolt of fabric into custom-made window treatments.

Custom Painting

Custom Painting

New paint has the power to self-express and energize moods. Applying fresh paint inside your home gives it a fresh look. We will talk with you to help you decide which paint color to choose by discovering the ambiance you want for each particular room in your home.  

To learn more about our interior design process from start to finish, click here. We look forward to working with you and making your design dreams come to life!

Why You Should Install Bespoke Bookcases

Creating a balance between function and beauty is the job of the designer and one area that a designer must be able to do this is with storage solutions – everyone needs storage but how do you make it beautiful? One of my favorite ways is with bespoke bookcases!

What is a Bespoke Bookcase?

A bespoke bookcase is one that has been custom-designed for a specific space. Because of this, there isn’t just one type of bespoke bookcase – rather the imagination of the designer is the limit of how many different shapes and sizes bespoke bookcases come in. My favorite type of bespoke bookcases are those that are built into the room and installed into the space using joinery for a beautiful and seamless finish. 

Unlike a regular bookcase that you might purchase from a furniture store and have moved into a room, bespoke bookcases present a variety of creative opportunities and will pave the way for a more seamless design. Keep reading to find out why!

The Advantages of a Bespoke Bookcase

More Creative Control

Nothing will give you more creative control than custom-making elements of your design, such as a bookcase. Rather than having to think of the premade piece and how the rest of the design can match it, you are able to think about how the bespoke piece will match the rest of your design. It means that you can think outside the box and make bolder decisions, which is the mark of a really skilled designer. 

Additionally, creativity doesn’t just encompass what the finished piece will look like – it also dictates how it will function. Each person and family has their own individual needs when it comes to storage solutions. Starting from scratch allows the designer to keep the client’s specific needs in mind. For instance, we designed a bespoke bookshelf for a family with a desk and chair behind the doors because the client needed a space to work, but didn’t want the living room to be cluttered with an office desk. Because we were going with bespoke furniture, this wasn’t a problem and we were able to find a solution that was both beautiful and functional!

Allows Room for Joinery

One of my favorite elements to use in a design is joinery – this is where woodwork is used to join a design together. For instance, the crown molding at the top and baseboard of this bookcase wraps all the way around the room – There is no gap between the bookcase and the ceiling. It blends into each other and the bookcase now seems a part of the wall. This little detail completely elevates the design, because the joinery makes everything look so intentional and thought out. 

Creates texture and dimension

A design without texture and dimension is hardly a design at all. It quickly becomes boring and does not feel welcoming. Bookcases in general create a lot of dimension and texture. However, when the bookcase is bespoke and installed using joinery, the entire wall is transformed and suddenly it’s no longer flat. Each shelf literally creates nooks and crannies of depth and dimension giving the eye much to dance on. 

Adds Value

It’s no secret that bespoke bookcases may come at a higher cost than an Ikea flatpack bookshelf. But if you have a custom bookcase built into a room, you’re adding tons of value to the property. Increasing storage space automatically increases value. Additionally, having custom woodwork elevates the look of a room, thereby increasing property value. So even though it may require a little more money upfront, there is no doubt that the value will be returned to you upon selling the property!

Get a Bespoke Bookcase Today!

A bespoke bookcase is the ultimate storage solution, turning storage into beautiful decor – the marriage between beauty and function. Whether you’re interested in a built-in bookcase with a hidden desk, or a case framing a window with a little place to sit, we’ve got you covered! Head to our services page to book your free consultation today!

Repurposing Slip Covers in Virginia

At Kelley Astore Interiors we believe and are working towards, making interior design more sustainable. It’s a difficult balance to strike: on one hand, you want to be mindful and avoid excess waste, but on the other hand, you want each design to be perfect in your eyes and in your clients’ eyes. But humans make mistakes and change their minds – and that’s where we have to get creative and consider repurposing. Recently we upholstered two down-filled custom-made chairs and one ottoman for a client in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. They were originally covered in mauve fabric with a black floral design. I actually really liked this fabric on the chairs. However after they were made, and placed in the sitting room, we realized that the fabric was not the right choice for the design.

The rest of the room was a very neutral color palette, featuring a lot of earthy and beige tones. The walls were painted in a beautiful Farrow & Ball shade called Oxford Stone 264, which is a lovely sandy color. Against the walls and the rest of the decor, we found that the original fabric was a bit old-fashioned and stuck out in a way that we didn’t want them to. After speaking with my client, we agreed that the room wanted a more subdued and lighter fabric than what was originally chosen. Something that would compliment and blend into the rest of the design rather than becoming an eyesore. But we had already upholstered them – did this mean we would need to start over and reupholster all of it? That would take a lot of time and money…but more importantly, it would result in a lot of extra waste we didn’t need to produce. What else could we do?

The Solution

This is when I realized a simple, quick, and easy solution: instead of starting over and re-doing the entire project, we could have slipcovers made! So that’s exactly what we did. This meant that we could completely transform the way the chairs and ottoman looked without wasting unnecessary time, effort, and materials. Together we browsed through a variety of different fabrics and settled on a gray/black and off-white ticking stripe patterned fabric from Pindler (my favorite place to source fabrics!) We were able to bring samples of this fabric into the space, and we knew that it was perfect.

My workroom ladies got busy stitching the slipcovers, and they were done in no time. Afterward, we installed them over the original cushions. After a quick steam, the chairs and ottoman were completely transformed. Looking at them, you would never be able to tell that slip covers were being used. My client absolutely loved the modern edge of the striped fabric. To add color and balance back into the design, we paired them with lovely little red cushions. I think the chairs and the room look absolutely fantastic. My client was happy, and the best part of all was that very little waste was created in the process! I will definitely continue using this trick in the future.

Try it yourself!

If you love all things design and fabric, be sure to check out our latest article on our 2021 Autumn Color Palette featuring plenty of fabrics from Pindler. To pass the time this fall, why not learn how to make your own slipcovers to easily transform a furniture piece you already own? This trick really does open up so many opportunities, and I couldn’t be happier. 

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