I recently had the pleasure of working with a family in Great Falls to make some key changes to their home. When it came to their teenage daughter’s room, we weren’t planning on doing too much – often allowing teenagers to control and decorate their own room can be a great form of their self-expression, and great for their mental health. But when I looked around her room, I knew one key change would have a major impact. She needed a lot more light! Keep reading to find out why and how we installed recessed lighting into this teenage girl’s room.

The Need

The light in a room is crucially important – it completely sets the mood and atmosphere. Additionally, there’s a major practical element that comes with lighting. For instance, in her room, there was no lighting installed, just a large window. And while this window may have been able to let in an appropriate amount of light, it was entirely shaded by a crape myrtle. Even if it didn’t, I still think she still would’ve needed ceiling light – for instance in the wintertime when the sun sets before she’s had time to do her homework at her desk. It was clear that she wanted a bit more light as well, with the way she had set her room up. There was a floor lamp and string lighting along the ceiling. While that lighting may have been nice right before bed, it wasn’t nearly enough light, and areas like her desk were left in the shade.

Installing something like ceiling lighting takes trained contractors and is likely beyond the breadth of a DIY home decor video on youtube. That’s where my team and I came in. We decided to go for recessed lighting, rather than say a hanging ceiling light, for a few reasons. The first is that the ceilings of this bedroom were not particularly high. Therefore, anything that was hanging or coming out from the ceiling would make the entire room feel shorter all together. Additionally, because of the size of the room, and especially where her desk was, I wanted to make sure that a good amount of light reached all corners of the room. Just one central light wouldn’t do that to the same effect as something like recessed light. Recessed lights are installed into the ceiling and lay flush against it. You almost always install more than one light, which gives you easy control over where in the room they’re placed. Because of this, I knew that installing recessed lighting was the way to go. My team and I got to work.

Let There Be Light

We decided to install four lights, approximately 25” from each corner of the room. This was going to bring symmetry and ensure the entire room had even lighting. The lights needed to be big enough to provide enough light for the room, but if they were too big, they would easily become an eyesore. 6 inches seemed to be a perfect size.

The actual process of installing the recessed lighting involved making cuts into the ceiling where the lights would be installed – it’s really important that these cuts are perfectly placed and the perfect size for the light, which is why we’d always suggest getting a professional in rather than attempting to do this yourself. Once the holes were ready, my contractor wired the electric through and installed the lights. We used LED bulbs which last much longer and use less energy – better for the environment. 

Out of Darkness

The finished result almost seems like a different room. Not only does this new lighting mean she won’t have to spend her mornings and evenings in the dark, but her desk will be well lit for her to use. Additionally, the extra light allows you to better see the wall art and decor, giving you an insight into who this bright young lady is. I’m really happy with the final results. But of course, the most important thing is that my clients were also really happy with the final results.

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