There are many different aspects that factor into designing the perfect bathroom. In many cases, this simply means finding the perfect balance between comfort and style – creating the kind of a space that not only looks great but makes you feel good too. After all, if you’re looking to unwind for an hour (or two) in the bath, you need to ensure your bathroom has a warm, welcoming atmosphere for you to settle down into and enjoy. 

To pull this off, you need to start paying attention to the smaller details that can add a touch of class and sophistication to the space. For example, you could add a marble finish to your vanity to give your bathroom the ‘WOW’ factor. However, you should also pay close attention to your windows. 

If there’s any room where privacy is important, it’s the bathroom. However, heavy or bulky curtains will swallow up all of the natural light, making your bathroom feel much smaller. Furthermore, they are also harder to clean, making them slightly unsanitary in a bathroom setting. However, there’s a clear solution in mind that allows privacy when necessary and will let the sunshine through when necessary – and that’s Roman Shades.

What are Roman Shades?

Roman Shades are some of the most popular window shades on the market – and for a good reason. They are highly practical, with a contemporary design that stops them from aging quickly. When opened, they stack up evenly on top of each other for a smooth finish. This is slightly different from the mechanisms used in traditional blinds, where the blinds are bumpy when opened. 

Why should I hang Roman Shades in my Bathroom?

There are various benefits to hanging Roman Shades in your bathroom. For example: 

  • Roman shades add a lovely, unique texture to your bathroom when pulled up. Furthermore, as they are available in a wide range of different colors and patterns, they can be a great way to liven up the space. For example, you could use your blinds as a way of introducing more color into your home. 
  • Roman Shades suit all different styles of windows, especially if you have narrower windows or window panels where it can sometimes be hard to find appropriate shades, blinds, or curtains. This is particularly important when you consider the fact that bathroom windows are often designed to be much smaller than other windows in the home, often to create more privacy. 
  • Roman Shades allow you to experiment every day. For example, if you install separate blind panels, you can experiment by having some blinds open and some closed – creating interesting shapes or textures in doing so. 
  • As mentioned previously, privacy is particularly important in the bathroom. While Roman Blinds are a great way to maintain your privacy, you can take this to the next level by installing black-out material to the back of them. 

How are Roman Shades installed? 

Roman Shades are highly versatile, which means they can be installed in various different ways – including both internal and external mounts. Once the mounts have been installed, the blinds should slip easily into place. However, you might want to reach out to some experts (or at least a friend who is a DIY-Whizz) who can help you to install them seamlessly. 

How do I clean Roman Shades?

As mentioned previously, Roman Shades are rather easy to maintain – but you should ensure you keep them clean. To clean your blinds, you should: 

  • Use a hand-held vacuum to gently remove dust from the surface. If the shades are made from delicate material or feature a lot of detailing, you may prefer to use a microfiber cloth to carry out these tasks. 
  • If you want to conduct a deep clean of your blinds, remove them carefully and take them to a dry cleaner who can use specialist equipment to help them look good as new once again. Sometimes you will be able to launder them yourself, though you should use a low temperature and a delicate cycle.