We completely gutted this bathroom to give it a whole new makeover, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty!

At First Glance

In the “before” photo, you can see that this bathroom is a bit outdated.  It has old white ceramic shower tiles and white subway tiles on the floor. The brass shower door is bulky and could use a sleek design. The only lighting is above the vanity and the vanity itself could be more functional.  We kept the general layout of the bathroom to avoid having to install new plumbing and pipes.

The Lighting

Since the only lighting was above the vanity, we installed new recessed lighting which brightened the room.  A night and day difference… literally! The fixture above the vanity mirror received an upgrade as well. 

The Vanity

We added a new vanity that was more functional with a bit more counter space. We chose one with several drawers for improved organization. The square sink and new faucet gave it a more up-to-date appearance.  The generous white mirror above the vanity makes the space appear larger.

The Shower

This was our favorite upgrade to the entire bathroom!  The walls of the shower are gorgeous navy blue handmade tiles with glaze on them, THE color everyone is using right now.  We used 1 x 1 tumbled marble tiles for the shower floor to give it dimension.  All the brass on the old shower door was an eyesore so we opted for floor-to-ceiling solid glass panels for a crisp, more open design.  The only things visible were a few brackets, a couple of hinges, and a handle, all of the polished chrome.

The Toilet

We couldn’t leave an old toilet in a beautifully renovated bathroom, so we put in a Toto Toilet that has a special finish on it called Sani Gloss to help keep the bowl clean.  Plus, the style screams “hi, I’m new here!”.

The Flooring

The thing I love most about this tile is that it looks like marble but it is actually porcelain!  This is a much more affordable option but is absolutely beautiful.  It could fool almost anyone at first glance with the gray vein running through it all.  We chose to use 12 x 24 tiles because a larger tile makes the room appear more spacious. 

The Finishing Touch

The walls were a bit too ostentatious. We elected to paint them a more subtle color to give the bathroom a clean and hygienic feel.  The blue-gray color pulls together the navy shower tiles with the gray vein in the floor to complete this stylish bathroom renovation!