We want 2021 to be the year of getting things done and manifesting our goals! For us that starts in the home office. Having a space for work separate from your space for rest has been proven to increase productivity and focus. But it’s important that the space you’re working in is a suitable space for you to focus and be productive. We’re going back to the basics for helping you design the best home-office. And the best place to start? The color of the walls.

The wall color can have a big effect on your work-ethic. If what you’re staring at all day is dreary or simply a color you don’t like, it will subconsciously make you want to avoid the space all together: not so good for getting work done. The New York Times even published a study on the effects of color on our minds. Do not underestimate the power of a fresh paint job! Here we’ll take you through our best tips for painting your home office.

What kind of work are you doing?

The first thing to take into consideration is what kind of work you’ll be doing in your home office. If you teach online classes, a brighter tone provides better lighting and helps keep students engaged on your video. Or perhaps most of your work is emails and screen-oriented: a darker hue like a deep blue, or a neutral hue like grey-beige will help you stay focused on the screen. Maybe you’re an artist, in which case bright colors, like yellow, may inspire your creativity.

If you love a certain color but aren’t sure it’ll be appropriate for online meetings, consider painting an accent wall! This way you can face the color that inspires you and everyone in your meetings can see a more neutral color behind you.

Simply stated, take into consideration how your paint color will serve the work you do.

Science behind colors

As previously stated, we all respond differently to color. However, there is research that certain colors affect our mood. Consider these if you’re still struggling to choose the right color:

Red: Red is believed to increase the speed and intensity of our emotions. It can inspire passion and adventure, and evoke a sense of urgency.

Orange: Orange is a naturally energetic color, and is said to increase oxygen flow to the brain. It combines the joy of yellow with the urgency of red, and feels quite intense. Orange makes a perfect accent color to inspire without being too intense.

Yellow: The color of the sun, yellow is energizing, uplifting, and joyful. If you live in a rainy climate (such as Seattle or London), painting the walls yellow can help mimic the sun and energize you throughout the day.

Green: Green evokes feelings of balance, relaxation, and stability. A great choice if your work sometimes makes you anxious or demands that you stay calm.

Blue: Blue is known to stimulate the mind and increase productivity while maintaining a calm effect. This is a great color if your work is repetitive, as it helps keep your brain stimulated.

Purple: Often associated with royalty and luxury, purple is a great shade to help a space feel bold and powerful while still calming.

Neutral: Lighter neutral shades, like an off-white or beige, can help a room feel airy – perfect for anyone who works best in natural light. Pure white can feel a bit hospital-like and can be jarring on the eyes, but also brightens up a space and provides a great backdrop for an accent wall.

What Inspires You?

Beyond just color, what are things that inspire you and make you want to get work done? Is it the sunlight? If so, choose a bright color that will reflect the light and make your work space feel bright. Maybe a particular piece of art inspires you. Make this a focal point in your home office and choose a complimenting color to paint your walls with – this will draw your eye to the artwork to give your bursts of inspiration throughout the day.

As humans, we’re all drawn to certain colors. So more than anything else, be sure the color you choose is one that you feel inspired by.

For more tips, check out our article on picking the perfect paint color!