Easter Table Decor

Whether you’re having a festive Easter brunch or intimate Easter dinner, you’ll want to have a table that expresses the importance of this holiday and praises the arrival of Spring.  The table is where people gather, just like Jesus and his disciples did the night before his crucifixion, so having it celebration-ready sets the mood and encourages guests to slow down and enjoy their time together.  

What are some Easter table decor ideas?


Easter occurs at the start of Spring when everything is in full bloom, having flowers on your table is a must!  I love fresh flowers; they give so much life to the room and you can go simple or elaborate with the vases.  My favorite Easter flowers are tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth.  For a more natural look to your tablescape, you can have little potted herbs.  Some of the most fragrant herbs include rosemary, mint, and lavender.  If you have to go with fake Easter flowers, don’t sweat it because they are more versatile in the ways you can display them. Whichever you choose can be included in your centerpiece and throughout the entire tablescape.

Place Setting

Pastels, pastels, pastels!  There are options abound when it comes to your Easter place settings.  You can go with a floral placemat and a solid napkin of complementary color with elegant white dinnerware.  If you have special Easter china, pair it with a solid pastel placemat and a white dinner napkin. Furthermore, a beautiful Easter table cloth or Easter table runner begs for an all-white place setting. Easter napkin rings can add a special touch to a place setting, as well. 


The Easter centerpiece gives you the opportunity to get creative.  Some ideas include:

  • candlesticks to hold dyed eggs
  • Easter egg tree (branches in a vase with blown-out eggs hanging on them)
  • tiered dessert stand with dyed eggs or an assortment of Easter candy or a combination of both
  • vases or bowls filled with colorful eggs or jelly beans
  • bunnies of various shapes, sizes, and colors

Easter Food

You’ve spent so much time decorating for Easter that you haven’t even thought about planning out your meal.  Don’t fret! Here is a list of the top 10 foods to serve at your Easter gathering.

Top 10 Easter Foods

  • Deviled Eggs
  • Ham or Lamb
  • Spring Mix Salad with fresh fruits, goat cheese, and nuts
  • Roasted Carrots (that’s what the Easter bunny eats, right?)
  • Asparagus, Sweet Peas, or Green Beans
  • Potatoes, whether they are scalloped, mashed, or baked
  • Melt-in-your-mouth Rolls
  • Potato or Macaroni Salad
  • Key Lime or Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Carrot Cake

I would love to see your Easter dinner spread, comment to me on social media!

I wish you and your loved ones a happy, hoppy, and blessed Easter.

How to Hang Pictures to Make a Statement

Wall art is a crafty way to add charm to a room and hanging it correctly can be tricky.  Its display can not only transform the room but can give the pictures life. There are a few things to consider when hanging pictures.  First, as a general rule of thumb, pictures should be hung at eye level, meaning its midpoint should sit at around 60 inches above the floor.  If you have really low or high ceilings, you can adjust accordingly and place it where it feels right.  Or if your art is in a sitting room, it can be hung a little lower so that it can be in the line of sight to be enjoyed more.  Second, you never want to hang a picture on a wall that receives direct sunlight; this will cause irreversible damage. Other questionable locations are the kitchen and bathroom as these rooms experience heat and humidity that can damage art.  Now, on to different ways to hang pictures to make a statement.

Oversized Art

Add visual impact by hanging a single oversized picture above a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa or credenza.  The oversized art should be approximately ⅔ the width of the piece of furniture and hung six inches above.  If it is being hung above a sofa, it is best to hang it around 10 inches above the back to inhibit people from hitting their heads on the artwork.  

Family Photo Wall

Get your family photos off of your phone and onto your walls! Print out a batch of your family favorites and display them on a gallery wall.  Select a few different mats and frames that coordinate with one another to display your family gallery.  Another popular option is to have your family photos printed on canvas.  These can be all one size to create an arranged grid look or different sizes for a lively collage.  You could even add in a few canvases of abstract art for a more eclectic wall.  These pictures should be hung approximately 2 inches apart.  

Salon Wall

A salon wall contains many different pieces of art of various sizes and mediums, all intermingling next to one another. This trend has been re-emerging in recent years and looks exquisite hanging above a shelf or console table.  This might seem a bit overwhelming but the lack of order in these displays makes them quite easy to create.  You’ll want to start with the largest piece first and place it a bit off-center.  Keeping an even space between each art piece, you’ll start to build around it.  Be sure to not hang similar pieces next to one another and to stagger pieces as hanging them in straight lines will cause the wall to appear dull.  The easiest way to get the configuration that you like best is to play around with it on the floor before you begin poking holes in the wall.

Stagger on a Staircase

With a wall extending from one level to the next, a staircase makes an ideal spot for a picture gallery.  These galleries can be organized symmetrically or staggered.  Either way, you will want to start with the center point of the stairs and work your way outward.  It’s important to keep each picture the same distance apart, about two inches. For a staggered appearance, you will want to hang frames both horizontally and vertically.  If you still have more pictures to place, you can add a gallery to the landing of the stairs to keep the flow going.  

Any of these picture-hanging trends will add character to your home and undoubtedly make a statement!

Exterior Home Painting

It’s Spring!, the time of year when people are beginning outside projects on their homes. Oh, how we love a beautiful bed of new flowers!  It’s the perfect time of year to upgrade your grill and outdoor entertainment space in preparation for all the planned cookouts. Did you know it is the ideal time of year to paint the exterior of your home? It’s not too hot or too cold which is not only essential to the painter but to your home’s exterior surfaces. Painting the exterior of your home provides aesthetic and functional benefits.  

Reasons to Paint Your Home Exterior

Better Curb Appeal

According to the National Association of Realtors, buyers today consider a home’s curb appeal as one of the six most important criteria when deciding to purchase a home.  Having an appealing exterior entices the potential buyers to want to take a look inside.  If the exterior is poorly kept then the buyers might take one glance and keep on driving.  Have you ever heard of the phrase about judging a book by its cover? Even if you are not looking to sell your home, curb appeal is important to a lot of people because it adds a sense of pride.  Having a fresh coat of paint on the exterior is giving your house the look it deserves, plus it will leave a lasting impression on your neighbors.  Some of the most popular exterior paint colors are neutrals such as white, gray, and tan.  Bold colors are welcomed as accents, such as your front door and window shutters.

Protection Against Weathering

The paint on your house protects and shields the siding from nature’s ailments; wind, rain, snow, and sun can be tough on the exterior of your home.  It can increase the lifespan of your siding.  Moisture can cause the exposed siding to expand and soften leading to further paint cracking, flaking, and peeling. A new coat of exterior paint will prevent moisture from seeping into your home which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew that lead to rot.  There is nothing that can be done about rotten wood except for being replaced.  Replacing wood can be expensive especially when it comes to the structure of your home.  Therefore, covering up blemishes before they have time to progress is extremely important.  Additionally, the sun can cause paint to fade and weaken the integrity of the paint.  Not only will a fresh coat of exterior paint brighten the appearance of your home, it also adds protection from the sun.

Help Prevent Insect Infestation

Termites have the capability of demolishing a wood home.  It is imperative to receive regular home inspections for termites and there are additional measures that you can take to protect your home from these pests.  Adding exterior paint covers up cracks that they use as access points and can stop an infestation from occurring.  An additional option for prevention is to apply a layer of borate-based wood preservative before painting.

Inexpensive Renovation

An exterior paint job is one of the cheapest renovations you can do to your home.  It has a considerable return on investment because the increase in the value of the home is greater than the cost to have the home professionally painted.   

Exterior home painting is a budget-friendly springtime renovation.  Having your home exterior regularly painted keeps it looking beautiful and gives it a strong defense against weather and insects. It improves the appeal, function, and value of your home. 

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