Modern Master Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is where you start and end your day. It’s where you get clean, get ready for the day, and wash up before bed. If a bathroom looks worn down, it may not feel clean even if it is. Because of this, it’s important that it reflects the way you’d like to feel. At Kelley Astore Interiors, we renovate and design luxurious bathrooms to create havens for our clients to prepare to take on the world. Today we’ll be taking you through a modern master bathroom renovation we recently did for a client to give you ideas and inspiration, and to show you what a difference a renovation can make!

The client we were working with is a full-time business owner and parent and wanted to renovate several rooms in their house. We always manage projects from start to finish to take the stress out of the renovations for our clients.

“Being a busy business owner & parent of 3 kids, I knew I wanted a beautiful house & home office but didn’t know where I’d find the time & energy to manage all the updates. Kelley & her team were fantastic. From color patterns & lighting to new flooring & bathrooms, our house now has a beautiful, functional look & feel we will all love for years to come. I’m so appreciative Kelley was able to manage it all from start to finish so I could focus on clients & family.”

– S.H. Vienna, Virginia.

Strictly speaking there wasn’t anything wrong with the master bathroom as it was. It had nice gold detailing, a luxurious bathtub, and a large shower. It felt bright and airy. However, it was almost entirely white which left it feeling a bit like a hospital and a bit plain. The white tiling started showing some wear. The cabinetry was a bit clunky and painted white which felt a little boring. Additionally, the frosted glass around the shower and the large borders around the built-in tub made the bathroom seem much smaller than it was. Lastly, there was one massive mirror above the sinks and another one mounted to the wall beside it. Having so much mirror meant that everything in the bathroom was reflecting off itself resulting in a cluttered feeling.

Master Bathroom – Before

As soon as I first saw it, I started to envision all the ways we could transform it into a luxurious modern bathroom. The plan was to keep the general location of where the sinks, cabinets, tub, and shower would go, but update everything. Most importantly, we would play with more textures and colors to add dimension and elegance to the bathroom.

The first step was to totally gut the entire bathroom to its bones to allow us to start from scratch. The contractors got to work demolishing the cabinetry and shower, removing the tub, sinks, and mirrors, and taking out the tiles and light fixtures. Meanwhile, the client and I got to work choosing and planning the changes for the bathroom. We made some decisions, including featuring a free-standing tub, and headed to the stores to take in all our options.

Once everything was gutted and all the materials and fixtures were chosen, all that was left was fitting everything. My contractors and I got to work to create the modern bathroom of my client’s dreams. We installed new larger stone tiles all around, including in the shower walls and around the bathtub. Unlike the plain square tiles previously installed that were uniform, each stone tile had a very subtle veining. Even that small detail gave so much texture. The new tiles had a smaller seam which meant the whole floor and shower looked smoother and cleaner.

Next, we installed a beautiful floating vanity. The floating vanity really opened up the room with the empty space beneath it and on either side of it. We painted it a pale gray to compliment the color of the tiles. Nothing feels more luxurious than marble, so we topped the vanity with white marble. We installed two mirrors with a textured dark gray border that paired well with the tone of the vanity and tiles. We added new modern faucets and lights above each mirror. We kept the trim of the bathroom white to provide contrast and had the walls painted a neutral pale color.

We then replaced the tub with a free-standing whirlpool tub. Similar to the vanity, having the tub unattached to the walls gave the whole room so much more space and made it feel so much more luxurious. Lastly, we tackled the shower. Because we were opting for transparent glass doors, it was important the shower still had a clear separation from the rest of the bathroom. Because of this, we chose a fun mosaic for the shower floor and I absolutely love it! With the white, black, and gray tones, it does such a good job of tying the rest of the room and colors together. We installed a new rainfall showerhead coming out of the ceiling to get rid of clunky shower pipes and further open up the bathroom

Overall this was a super fun and successful modern bathroom renovation! I am so pleased with the results and even more happy that the client is pleased as well. If you’re interested in renovating, be sure to head to our services page to book a free consultation. Whatever the nature and scope of your redesign, we take full responsibility for seeing that the entire project is finished on time and on budget and that all work is of the highest quality. We take the worry out of the process for our clients!

The Colors of Palm Beach

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Palm Beach and refreshing all my interior design inspiration and ideas. I visited various furniture and decor shops, and different hotels to see everything that Palm Beach had to offer. Palm Beach has a rich history for designers and artists alike. Over the past century, artists like Lily Pulitzer have visited and influenced the design of Palm Beach. Perhaps the best thing that stood out to me after a long winter was all the beautiful colors of Palm Beach. Everywhere I looked was bursting with vibrant color and life. Looking around it was like everything was planned to be seen together – the beautiful blue skies complimented each flower which seemed to match each painted building. Keep reading to find out the best colors of Palm Beach and where to find them.

In Nature

When it comes to beauty, little can compare to Mother Nature herself. The most vibrant and striking colors of course were those found in nature. From the deep blue of the ocean to the sandy beige beaches, the brilliant blue of the sky, the luscious green trees, and the vibrant fuchsia bougainvillea, every corner of Palm Beach boasted of beautiful and colorful nature. What an inspiration to experience that after such a long and cold winter. Taking in each and every color that the Earth was offering my eyes seemed to rejuvenate my spirit and definitely inspired me to bring more elements of nature into my designs. As discussed in our article about unmissable paint trends, paying homage to the Earth is becoming increasingly central to interior design.

In Architecture

It’s clear to me that the architects and designers who built up Palm Beach were just as inspired by the colors of nature as I was. Each painted building seemed to compliment the bright blue sky. Perhaps my favorite of all was The Colony Hotel, known as Palm Beach’s “pinkest hotel.” The Colony is a go-to destination for stars and tourists alike. It’s painted a beautiful dusty pink color that compliments the blue skies and blends into each sunset and sunrise. Even their golf carts were pink! And The Colony Hotel is not the only building painted vibrantly. Across all of Palm Beach are beautifully painted buildings in pastel shades that both uplift and compliment the beautiful colors of nature around them.

In design

It would be no good if the beautiful colors of Palm Beach were limited to the outdoors. So of course the designers have brought these vibrant colors indoors into each design. The interior of The Colony Hotel is classy, chic, and uses colors elegantly. In one of their dining rooms, for instance, the walls are painted a lovely pale yellow color and the rest of the design is kept quite neutral toned except for the dining chairs beautifully upholstered in a breathtaking colorful pattern that honors the orange trees of Florida. Additionally, the shops I visited were also full of colorful items which leads me to believe that the homes of Palm Beach are surely full of vibrant color as well!

Palm Beach: Bursting With Inspiration

A few weeks back from Palm Beach and I’m still inspired by everything I saw. Being surrounded by color really can uplift your mood and my visit definitely inspired me and my designs moving forward. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark our blog page for an upcoming article on the best interior design shops in Palm Beach!

Designing for a Teenager: Bright and Fun Inspiration

At Kelley Astore Interiors, we are just as eager to create bedrooms and spaces for children and teenagers as we are for adults. We talk a lot about the importance of a design being true to who you are, and arguably that is even more important for teenagers. We all remember what it was like being that age, and having a safe space for teenagers to unwind and truly be themselves is very important for their development.

A little while ago we had a client with a daughter wanting to redo her room with some gorgeous colors! We took these colors and created a completely custom room and bathroom for her. This young lady chose bright pink, apple green, and turquoise – I absolutely loved working with this bright gorgeous palette and had a lot of fun with this design. Keep reading to learn about each element and how we brought the room together.

Custom Window Seat & Extra Storage

When I saw the space, my eye was drawn to the large window sill and I immediately saw the potential for a lovely window seat for her to unwind, do her homework, and hang out with her friends. We got started on building this for her. We decided to install drawers beneath the window seat as well as bookshelves on either side for extra storage…we all know teenagers have a lot of stuff!

After the drawers were installed, we painted the window seat and surrounding bookshelves white. I then got to work on incorporating her beautiful bright colors of choice. We went for the apple green seat cushion and colorful throw curtains. We installed roman shades of matching colors. The apple green is the main color on the bottom and the bright pink is the main color on the top, which balances itself out and creates a cohesive look. This particular teenager did a lot of ballet and dance, so we made sure that her beautiful white tutu stayed on display – a practical and beautiful way to store it.

All the fabric is by Osborne and Little.


To ensure that the color palette remained consistent, we opted for a turquoise headboard as the main color of the bed. Now the bright pink, apple green, and turquoise each have their moment of shine and no color overtakes the other. We used the same patterned fabric for her pillows as we used in the roman shades, once again tying the whole design together into one.

Custom Memo Board

Every young person needs a memo board for notes, reminders, pictures, memories, and inspiration! Ensuring that your teenager has a desk and a designated place of work will help them develop a healthy relationship with work and establish a work-life balance. We upholstered this board with Pindler turquoise-colored cotton, white grosgrain ribbon, and silver nail heads from Houles. We sourced the desk from CB2. Looking at how much she covered this memo board from top to bottom, we couldn’t recommend getting one for your teenager more!

The Design is in the Detail.

Every designer knows that the small details are what will truly tie a room together. Although she had chosen bright pink, apple green, and turquoise as her palette – if everything in her room were one of those three colors, it would look like a Crayola explosion…and not in a good way. It needed balancing to allow those colors to shine, and we chose neutrals and white. We went for a darker wood on the ground to help the colors pop. We painted the walls a nice neutral to ensure they didn’t look too hospital-like. We then took inspiration from her beautiful white tutu and began incorporating more white into the design. As previously stated, we painted the bookshelves and window seat white. We knew that we wanted to allow the window seat, memo board, and bed to shine, so we went with white, but played with texture. The rug on her ground, her desk chair, and one of the throw pillows on her bed are all a furry white texture. This gives consistency without detracting from the beautiful bright colors.

Interested in renovating? Get in touch today!

We had so much fun with this design and are eager to continue working with clients to help them create the home of their dreams. Whatever the nature and scope of your redesign, we take full responsibility for seeing that the entire project is finished on time and on budget and that all work is of the highest quality. We take the worry out of the process for our clients. Visit our services page to get started today!

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