Simple Elegance: Installing Grasscloth Wallpaper

When it comes to your walls and how you design them, there are endless possibilities from paint, to woodworking, to wallpaper. At Kelley Astore Interiors, we’ve done quite a few articles on choosing the best paint colors, but sometimes a room begs for a little more impact than paint provides. That’s where textured wallpaper comes to play. My favorite? Grasscloth. Keep reading to find out how I used it recently in a dining room design, and why grasscloth is always a great choice!

Grasscloth wallpaper is a beautiful material made of fibers from different types of grasses such as jute or rushes. It comes in a variety of different colors and designs but the effect is always the same. It harbors texture and dimension into a design without being too busy or cluttered. Using grasscloth wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to add simple elegance to any room.

My client in Great Falls, VA asked us to re-design her dining room. There was a very formal Venetian chandelier, that would eventually be changed, hanging above a traditional dining room table and chairs. The room was originally painted a deep sea-blue with a white panel wainscoting beneath the chair rail. Because there was such a strong contrast between the blue and the white, and because the blue was on the top half of the wall, the room looked much smaller and more cramped than it actually was. The light was being absorbed into the sea-blue paint. It clashed with the chandelier and the room felt outdated and imbalanced. 

I knew that if I addressed the walls, the client would get an entirely new dining room. Oftentimes one simple change can make all the difference in a design. The room itself was very simple, with a dining table and chairs, an acrylic console table, and a few other pieces. I really liked how, with just these few key pieces of furniture, the room could be transformed into something truly elegant. That’s when I knew that grasscloth wallpaper was the way to go.

There are many different fabric houses to buy grasscloth, this particular grasscloth is from  Kravet. Kravet is an amazing 5th generation family-owned business that was established in 1918. They sell a variety of wall coverings, fabrics, furnishings, and other accessories. Everything I’ve ever purchased from Kravet has been of the highest quality and utmost beauty. It started as a small fabric house and is now one of the leaders of the design industry. Kravet carries a multitude of grasscloth wallpapers in varied textures, like the one I used for this client, as well as more elaborate designs and even scenic pictures. 

My client and I agreed on a neutral-toned grasscloth with a touch of blue for the dining room. It provided lovely contrast with the white paneling or wainscoting, without being too dark like the previous sea-blue. My contractor worked to prep the walls, cut the grasscloth to size on location, and finally installed it. The results are truly a testament to how one change can transform a room! 

With the new grasscloth installed, the room instantly felt so much bigger and newer. It had a modern and elegant edge. I am so pleased with the results and highly recommend grasscloth when trying to spruce up any room. 

To see more images and videos from this transformation be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. If you haven’t already caught it, check out the front entrance transformation we did for the same client in Great Falls. If you would like to work with me on transforming any or all parts of your home, head to the services page to book your free consultation!

Giving your Home Entrance a Bespoke Look

The entrance to your home is everything. It is the first thing to greet you after a long day, and the first thing to welcome any guest that comes into your house. It is similar to the opening paragraph of a novel: the reader, or your guest, will begin to make judgments of what lies beyond as soon as they see the home entrance. Therefore, a beautiful bespoke home entrance can transform the look of a house from mediocre to grand. I had the pleasure of designing a bespoke home entrance for a client in The Great Falls and today I’m going to take you through the before and after transformation!

The builder installed the original front door, it was too plain for the look of the house; a single door surrounded by side window panels, a transom window, and trim. As soon as I saw it, I knew that this entrance was simply begging to have double doors. I wasn’t a fan of the dark brown wood because I felt there could be greater contrast against the brick the house was built with. The client wanted something that felt classy and chic, whilst also being practical and without losing the light from the windows. With that, I got to work on the design, and my contractors got to work preparing the site with protective plastic and cloths – even though a lot of the work was being done on the “outside” of the house, we didn’t want the brick porch to get covered in powdery fallout! 

My builders then proceeded to demolish and remove the original door, windows, and transom. It is a difficult task to remove such a large part of the house without damaging anything surrounding it. My contractors have decades of experience and were able to work swiftly and efficiently. Be sure to follow my Instagram or Facebook for videos of them working!

Inspired by French doors, I decided to install two custom doors, each with 6 individual lights or windows. The double doors will have anyone entering or exiting that home feeling like an A-list celebrity. The new doors actually let more light in than the previous, allowing the sun to stream in like a dreamy afternoon in Paris. 

My contractors worked extremely hard to ensure that the door we had designed fit perfectly with the house. It required a lot of woodworking and measuring on-site to create these custom doors. However, as soon as they were installed, space was opened up and the entrance began to take its form. 

To complete the transformation, all that was left was the finishing touches and details. We had to install some drywall where the transom window was removed, as well as build up a new trim around the door. All existing woodwork and new woodwork were speckled and sanded. We then proceeded to paint both the interior and exterior trim a lovely white color for that beautiful contrast against the black doors.

Just like that, the entrance was transformed! We paired it with a black welcome mat for continuity. The black doors also match the beautiful black planters on either side of the porch, as well as the black mounted lamps on either side. Going with double doors allowed for that symmetry to really shine through. Most importantly, the client was delighted with their new bespoke entrance! 

To give your home entrance a bespoke look, head to our services page to book your free consultation! 

A Breakdown of My Home Office Design

My home office is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It’s where I do most of my design planning and liaising with clients. I love the work I do, so it’s important for me to have a space to focus and get everything done! Keep reading to learn about how I designed it and what materials I used.

The Layout

The first step I tackled was how I wanted to layout my home office. Because my work is creative, it was crucial that my office catered to that. I wanted it to be a relatively large open space so that I could lay fabrics and create boards with plenty of floor space. For this reason, I kept the majority of the furniture up against the walls to make the space as big as possible. The size also allows me to lay some samples out and view them from afar to get a better idea of the designs I create. I also have a lot of fabric samples and materials that I use, so I custom-designed a large built-in unit with plenty of shelf and storage space. It extends from the door, into the left corner, and all the way to the back wall. This way all of my materials are organized and easy to access while I’m working. I’m not the tallest person in the world, so I added in a small and stylish step stool to reach the higher shelves.

Because I’ve built my business up from scratch, it made sense to have two separate desks to accommodate both my creative designing and business running. One of my desks is where I keep my computer and printer and do all my administrative work. The other desk is where I do more of my creative work, looking at samples, and drawing up designs. Having two separate desks helps me switch from a business mindset to a creative mindset easily. I decided to also add in a settee to take breaks, meetings, and calls, as well as an armchair for when I need a slight change of scenery or when someone is visiting my office. 

The colors

It was important to me that my office was a relatively neutral room that would allow plenty of space for creativity and inspiration. For this reason, I decided on a neutral color for the walls, bookcase, floors, and desk. Rather than painting, I decided to upholster the walls for a cozier and better-insulated space. I upholstered the walls and the desk skirts with a taupe linen fabric from Pindler. I then painted the wall-to-wall built-in unit with a Farrow & Ball color called String. I really liked the subtle contrast it provided with the taupe linen walls, to have some dimension and make the space appear larger. I chose simple dark wood flooring and a neutral trim.

If you’ve been following my work for awhile, you know that I absolutely love red. It’s bold, energizing, and passionate. I knew I needed a neutral space, but if it was too neutral, I wouldn’t want to spend any time there. So I upholstered my two office chairs and my settee in a beautiful red and black striped fabric from a British brand called Hodsoll McKenzie. I love the pop of color it provides! I also love the design of my desk chairs: the perfect combination of a comfortable armchair and a traditional office chair. It’s incredibly comfortable and cozy but is mounted on wheels for swiveling and ease. If your job requires you to sit at a desk for a while, I definitely recommend these! I upholstered the other chair in a red and tan leopard spot fabric from Rose Cummings. I added a few more splashes of red like the red tones in the step stool, as well as my Georgia Bulldogs pennant and art! 

Finishing Touches

To finish the room off I added a few orchid plants, which is one of my favorite flowers to decorate with. There’s one on my bookcase and one on my desk. I added in a fun zebra skin rug to tie the space together, as well as a beige throw pillow and wicker baskets for extra storage. I put one of my favorite paintings of a cheetah above the settee for some inspiration. Last but not least, I added a picture of my beloved dog Dunkin on my desk to keep me company throughout the day! I opted for a glass door so the space didn’t feel too closed off, as there are only a few small windows in this room.

More inspiration

Overall, I am super happy with how my home office has turned out, and it’s been serving me and my work well. I can’t recommend enough investing in your home office space for prime productivity and efficiency! Check out my other articles on home office design:

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