Five Ways to Prep Your Home For the Fall & Winter

As we leave August behind and get into the full swing of September, it’s clear that summer is coming to an end. While some might not be too thrilled for the colder months ahead, there is so much to look forward to – from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – to rich fall colors and cozy sweaters. And now is the time to begin preparing your home for the rest of the year to come. Keep reading for our top five ways to prep your home for the coming Fall and Winter!

Don’t Wait – Get the Big Jobs Done Now

If there are any larger-scale renovation jobs you’ve been planning but haven’t got around to – this is your sign to bite the bullet and get them done now! Especially if you’re a person who doesn’t like the winter, it will be easier and less stressful to organize it now. Not only that, but having lovely new spaces to spend the Fall and Winter will simply make them easier to get through. Think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself and your family!

It’s a fantastic time of year to begin experimenting with different colors and patterns to ensure that your home is as cozy and welcoming as it can be for yourself and all your guests. Check out our recent article on different Fall Paints and Fabrics for some quick inspiration!

Tend To Your Garden

Now is really the best time to prepare your garden/yard for autumn and winter – while it’s not too hot and not too cold. If your garden or yard mostly consists of summer foliage, why not get some winter plants in the ground? I highly recommend Holly – not just because it’ll look beautiful in your yard, but it makes for fantastic fresh greens arrangements in the winter. It also provides a lovely pop of color in those colder winter months.

If you don’t want to plant anything new, then now is the time to get your gardening gloves on and prune the bushes, cut the grass, get rid of all your weeds and dead plants, and work to prepare and protect the soil in the winter. The winter can quickly erode your soil and damage it. Lay mulch around any plants that are staying for the winter – a biodegradable and aesthetically pleasing way to cover and protect the soil. Alternatively, you can use a tarp or cloth to cover and protect exposed and empty soil, ensuring that your garden is fertile and ready for the spring planting season.

TIP: Did you know that you can plant garlic in the Autumn, where it will be ready to harvest the following summer? Plant in October – January to have it ready for May – July. 

Remember the Exterior

Once again, take advantage of the weather that this time of year brings – it’s the perfect time to tackle all the jobs you’ve been avoiding on the exterior of your house. Whether that be a new paint job, new windows, or simply clearing out the gutters, right now is the best weather to get it done. In a few weeks’ time, there’s a good chance the cold will make these jobs unpleasant. 

Having a shiny exterior to your house will last throughout the winter. I always think the exterior of a house is often the part that is least thought about – which is exactly the reason why having a beautiful exterior will truly wow any guests that come to visit. If you are wanting to vamp up the exterior of your house but aren’t quite ready for a new paint job, consider power-washing it instead. This is both extremely satisfying to do, and will leave your house looking brand new!

Small Changes Make Big Differences

In terms of actually getting your house holiday ready, now is the time to begin switching up your decor and adding little fall and winter touches. There are countless small changes to be made that will make a huge difference and have your home be cozy and ready for each holiday to come. Start by switching out throw pillows for more Autumn colors. Switch out knick-knacks for Fall-themed items such as mini pumpkins or potpourri and pinecones. Change the bedding in your house to reflect the season: heavier blankets and quilts with deeper colors will help a room seem cozier and warmer. 

You can’t forget about candles! Candles are one of the best ways to create that autumn/winter atmosphere – not just because they are peaceful to look at, but because of the amazing array of spicy and warm scents that this season brings! Head to the store to grab a few and begin lighting them to get you in that Autumn mood!

Prepare for the Cold

Our last tip is perhaps the most practical tip and one you will certainly thank yourself for. Now is the time to prepare your house for the coming cold months. Even if it’s still relatively warm outside, choose a day to test your heating to ensure that it works. This way you won’t encounter any unpleasant surprises when you really do need the heating to stay warm. This is also a great time to rest your fireplace, and do any maintenance that is needed.

If you live in a particularly cold area, you may be keen to further insulate with window coverings – whether you want to install these yourself or hire a professional, now is the best time to plan when and how that will happen. Additionally, now is a great time to start switching your wardrobe around – pull out those big sweaters and jeans so they’re ready for when you need them.

We’re Here to Help

Of course, this list is helpful, but we also know that these tasks are often easier said than done – especially if you’re a busy professional or your kids are busy with the back-to-school season. That’s why we’re here – to help take the load off your back! Head to our services page to see how we can help you prepare your home for the fall and winter. 

Interior Fabrics and Paint Colors for the Fall

As we approach the end of August, Autumn is just around the corner and we’re getting very excited here at Kelley Astore Interiors. One fantastic thing about design is that with each new season comes different and exciting trends, palettes, and creative opportunities. Although I love the summer months and the warm weather, there is something so cozy about Fall, and I am simply in love with Fall colors. As the weather cools down, the colors warm-up, a magical juxtaposition. Keep reading to find out my four favorite interior fabrics and paint colors for this Fall!

Autumn Leaves and Autumn Skies

The first up on my list of favorites is this remarkable combination of rich burgundy, burnt orange, and deep dusky blues against natural tones. This reminds me of those crisp Autumn nights where the leaves are bright red and orange and the sky feels mysterious. I love the contrast of the warm and cool tones in the fabrics against the comforting neutral tone of the paint. The paint color is an old Duron color called Buckwheat #5672. It provides a gorgeous backdrop for the colorful fabrics to appear vibrant without becoming overwhelming in any sense. The fabrics seen here are Colefax and Fowler #F 4710-03 Carsina and Pindler #9122 Ghent Slate, which would be perfect for a sofa or draperies. Pindler #6770 Classic Rustic or Fabricut Kirkville 07 would be a lovely choice for some armchairs.

I am in love with this palette and think it would work beautifully in a living room or a library/reading room!

TIP: Duron paints were purchased by Sherwin Williams so if you have an old Duron color you love take it into Sherwin Williams, they will mix it up for you!

In Between Summer and Fall

The next set of interior fabrics and paint colors for the fall reminds me of those days in September that fall perfectly in between summer and autumn. The world somehow feels calmer and more manageable. The days are still long, but the air is cooler and more forgiving. The green in this palette really catches my eye. I feel that each season has a different version of green, as reflected in nature. The deep evergreen shade in the winter, the soft and bright green of spring, the vibrant and joyful green in summer, and this beautiful olive shade for the fall. 

I wanted to let this color pop in this palette, so I paired it with neutral shades such as the natural paint color, Ralph Lauren Cymric #TH09, as well as more of those deep dusky blues for contrast. I would recommend Lee Jofa #ED 851604 or Fabricut Douppioni Silk #27 for draperies or a sofa, using the patterned fabric as the accent, perhaps as throw cushions. I would recommend Pindler # 9122 Ghent Slate or Villa Nova from Romo # V 3209/05 for sofas. All of these fabric houses currently reside at the Washington DC Design Center.

This palette would be the perfect fit for a living room or dining room!

Autumn Serenity

For those of you who prefer neutral and natural tones, this is the palette for you! These colors and fabrics would be wonderful in a family room – they are very reminiscent of that peaceful Fall feeling with the wonderful beiges, browns, taupes, and grays. I paired these fabrics against the paint color from Ben Moore #1032 Bar Harbor Beige as a lovely beige, that I actually think would be a great backdrop for a variety of fabrics, no matter the season. 

Because this palette doesn’t feature much color, I made sure to include different textures and patterns, including a wonderful plaid that would be a great sofa or throw cushion choice: Pindler #6271 Thayer color Burlap! It pops against the other fabrics such as Pindler #6770 in Classic Otter or Classic Silver which I would recommend as a fabric for a sofa or chair. Lastly, I think Kravet #27591-414 would make excellent fabric for draperies.

An Ode to Autumn Foliage

For the final palette, I’m bringing you lovely shades of camel, teal blue, sage green, and taupe as a beautiful homage to the dried flowers and foliage in the fall! Once again, I think this palette would work really wonderfully for a family room this autumn. 

I really wanted the patterned fabric from Pindler in #P6485 Oleander color Pearl to stand out, so I have paired it with complimenting neutral tones including a Ben Moore paint in #1095 Oakwood Manor. I would suggest this beautiful pattern be used for draperies, certain to bring life to your design! All of the fabrics in this palette are from Pindler. I recommend #7175 Athena color Sage to be used for a sofa with # 6883 Richter color Camel or # 6228 Gatwick color Haze for chairs. 

This palette brings me so much peace and joy and gets me so excited for the Fall!

Before you go…

If you are planning on giving your home a revamp for this Fall season, we are here to help! We offer a variety of services from renovation to bespoke upholstery and more. Head to our services page to book your free consultation today!

The Colors of Palm Beach

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Palm Beach and refreshing all my interior design inspiration and ideas. I visited various furniture and decor shops, and different hotels to see everything that Palm Beach had to offer. Palm Beach has a rich history for designers and artists alike. Over the past century, artists like Lily Pulitzer have visited and influenced the design of Palm Beach. Perhaps the best thing that stood out to me after a long winter was all the beautiful colors of Palm Beach. Everywhere I looked was bursting with vibrant color and life. Looking around it was like everything was planned to be seen together – the beautiful blue skies complimented each flower which seemed to match each painted building. Keep reading to find out the best colors of Palm Beach and where to find them.

In Nature

When it comes to beauty, little can compare to Mother Nature herself. The most vibrant and striking colors of course were those found in nature. From the deep blue of the ocean to the sandy beige beaches, the brilliant blue of the sky, the luscious green trees, and the vibrant fuchsia bougainvillea, every corner of Palm Beach boasted of beautiful and colorful nature. What an inspiration to experience that after such a long and cold winter. Taking in each and every color that the Earth was offering my eyes seemed to rejuvenate my spirit and definitely inspired me to bring more elements of nature into my designs. As discussed in our article about unmissable paint trends, paying homage to the Earth is becoming increasingly central to interior design.

In Architecture

It’s clear to me that the architects and designers who built up Palm Beach were just as inspired by the colors of nature as I was. Each painted building seemed to compliment the bright blue sky. Perhaps my favorite of all was The Colony Hotel, known as Palm Beach’s “pinkest hotel.” The Colony is a go-to destination for stars and tourists alike. It’s painted a beautiful dusty pink color that compliments the blue skies and blends into each sunset and sunrise. Even their golf carts were pink! And The Colony Hotel is not the only building painted vibrantly. Across all of Palm Beach are beautifully painted buildings in pastel shades that both uplift and compliment the beautiful colors of nature around them.

In design

It would be no good if the beautiful colors of Palm Beach were limited to the outdoors. So of course the designers have brought these vibrant colors indoors into each design. The interior of The Colony Hotel is classy, chic, and uses colors elegantly. In one of their dining rooms, for instance, the walls are painted a lovely pale yellow color and the rest of the design is kept quite neutral toned except for the dining chairs beautifully upholstered in a breathtaking colorful pattern that honors the orange trees of Florida. Additionally, the shops I visited were also full of colorful items which leads me to believe that the homes of Palm Beach are surely full of vibrant color as well!

Palm Beach: Bursting With Inspiration

A few weeks back from Palm Beach and I’m still inspired by everything I saw. Being surrounded by color really can uplift your mood and my visit definitely inspired me and my designs moving forward. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark our blog page for an upcoming article on the best interior design shops in Palm Beach!

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