When designing a space, a number of factors must be considered: function, aesthetics, comfort, and practicality. Depending on the project, each of these factors will be given more weight and priority. It’s a gift then when certain design choices are able to fulfill all the roles in one go, like stair runners. A stair runner is a strip of carpet that lines the center of a staircase, leaving the side edges exposed. Not only do they look amazing and tie a design together, but they are extremely functional and practical. Keep reading to find out 5 reasons to install stair runners today.

1. They make a space more welcoming

Carpet naturally has a warm and welcoming feel. The soft material brings comfort and reminds us that the home should feel safe. The cushioning beneath the feet softens each footstep, padding our treads. Therefore, having a strip of carpet run along the stairs warmly invites guests and home-dwellers alike to climb up and down the padded steps, into the heart of the home. Because stair runners leave the edge of the stairs exposed, they create another dimension, giving additional texture to the design. This draws the eye to the staircase in a welcoming manner and easily ties a design together.

2. They add traction

Stair runners don’t just make a space more welcoming because of how they look and feel, they give so much traction to the staircase that guests and home dwellers will physically feel safer walking up and down the steps. According to the National Safety Council, up to 12,000 deaths occur at home per year in the USA due to accidental falls on the stairs. If the staircase was designed with slippery wood and you’re wearing socks, it’s no surprise that a fall will take place. Adding stair runners helps prevent this. They are especially good if the home dweller is more at risk of a fatal fall, such as an elderly person. They’re also very good if there are a lot of children quickly running up and down the steps, as children love to do. They make stairs so much safer, which feels more welcoming.

3. They’re an easy way to cover up damaged stairs

If you’re renovating a space or looking to spruce up a design, stair runners are a cost-effective way to cover up any staircases, not in prime condition. If the wood on your stairs is particularly worn or scratched, simply cover it up with a stair runner to make it look good as new! Naturally, people walk in the center of the stairs, so this part will wear out the quickest. Easily make it look new with a stylish stair runner choice.

4. They protect the wood underneath

If your home is newly renovated and you’re not trying to cover up any wear and tear, perhaps you’re more interested in protecting against wear and tear. Stair runners do this as well. If you’ve chosen a nicer or more expensive wood for the staircase, you don’t want it to get scratched up by rough shoes or heavy lifting. Stair runners are here to save the day! Lay down a strip of carpet and protect the most vulnerable part of the treads.

5. They offer a stylish and cheaper alternative to carpeted stairs.

The final reason to get stair runners installed is for how amazing they look! They give a fun opportunity to add some color and texture into a design. If you’ve just purchased a home and were hoping for carpeted stairs for the safety reasons discussed earlier, stair runners offer a cheaper and easier alternative to getting the full staircase carpeted.

Get yours installed today!

The stair runners pictured here are all sisal runners. Sisal is a woven material from natural plant fibers and provides a lovely texture. Additionally, sisal doesn’t get worn down as much as traditional carpeting. If you’re interested in installing stair runners and are not sure where to start, head to my services page to book a free consultation today – you tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll get the job done for you!